NeuroNet Learning Program

Success in Motion Therapy is proud to be the first Minnesota provider of the Neuronet Integrated Rhythms Program. NeuroNet is a research-based learning readiness program designed to help students develop core academic skills and become independent learners. NeuroNet exercises facilitate learning through movement, an approach based on extensive neuroscience research and clinical practice. The NeuroNet programs provide structured, at-home practice of exercises that can be completed in about 20 minutes a day. Struggling learners and children with the following diagnoses and behavioral concerns, as well as others, have shown significant improvements with NeuroNet:

  • auditory processing disorders 
  • speech delay 
  • dyspraxia or apraxia of speech 
  • developmental delays
  • ADD and ADHD
  • balance disorders
  • high functioning autism

The goal of NeuroNet is to help your child become an independent learner. Children who complete NeuroNet programs demonstrate improvements in reading decoding, language skills, math facts retrieval skills and handwriting. But more than just improvements in academic skills, children develop a "can-do" attitude toward learning. They learn to predict that they can be successful in learning. For more information, talk to Naomi or Terri or see the Neuronet website at: